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  • The positive environment of discovery instead of instruction is much more stimulating than traditional training and games.

  • Smaller players make up for their size through clever play.

  • Rolling substitutions and equal playing time benefits everyone.

  • Frequent repetition of basic game situations gives greater opportunity to master them.

  • The two goals create options which stimulates creativity and improvisation.

  • Develops support play and off-the-ball play.

  • Learning takes place in a fully-integrated holistic environment, just as in the game itself. There is no isolation of technical, tactical or physical elements.

  • Usually everyone scores a goal!

  • More touches of the ball

  • Simpler decisions to make

  • Better game-related fitness, short duration of high-intensity vs laps.

  • More time with coach per player.

  • Easier to coach especially for parent coaches.

  • More opportunities to solve game problems.

  • More attacking opportunities (dribbling, shooting, passing).

  • More defending opportunities

  • More shooting and more goals = more fun!

  • No hiding place, players do not get lost in these games, improves competitiveness & healthy aggression.

  • More opportunities for the full range of skills.

  • Encourages better shape and awareness of team- mates.

  • Encourages faster play, fast transition from defence to attack More involvement, more success, more fun!

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